Ideas for a unit based on the transdiciplinary theme “How we express ourselves”

Dear Teachers

I’m almost finishing the second unit of inquiry with my class under the transdisciplinary theme “How we express ourselves” . I’m an English teacher in second grade class in Ecuador and …

We are studying about different celebrations around the world and we had a parent coming to our class and share about the “Day of the dead” in Mexico. Our kids had a lot of fun and learned a lot about this Mexican tradition. They ate “pan de muerto” which is a common food for this celebration, enjoyed asking about special decorations, familiy traditions and learned about the meaning of different  elements of this special day. Since Ecuador has a similar celebration, after this visit, I gave my students the chance to include all the interesting things they learned about and we used a great “calaca” template  for this. First I would like to share this great template SugarSkull_template and also share how students can create decorations. You can  take a look at some great activities in this site        .Students will be able to  identify symbols of this celebration  and compare contrast this celebration  with another celebrations they know.We also researched about other countries that  celebrate the day of the dead .Here are also some books  you can include in your class selection for this unit.You can find a short summary of each book here day_of_the_dead_picture_books (1)

Hope this helps you ……M G


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